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3 Small Bathroom Updates for Luxury Living

November 6, 2020

Luxury living can be achieved in almost any room of your apartment, even within the bathroom walls. There are a ton of up-and-coming trends for bathrooms this year. Renovating bathrooms in your apartment complex can really add many defining features that can increase the appeal to potential renters. This, in addition, will reinvent the space and the look of the room no matter if you aim is classic, modern, or even traditional styling. If you are looking to improve the lifestyle of living for your potential renters and current tenants, these 3 remodeling idea will help you get there!

Radiant Heat Flooring

As the cold winter months begin to set in, many people will resort to extra blankets and turning up the heat to stay warm. Especially if the apartment is mainly hardwood or tiled flooring. This could be a good chance to implement radiant heat flooring. This type of flooring uses electric resistant cables to produce heat. Typically this flooring runs at about $10 per square foot with the installation being a bit more in cost. Radiant heat flooring brings warmth, comfort and energy savings. This is possible because radiant heating only requires the heat to run at half the temperature of traditional baseboard heating (85 degrees compared to 160-plus degrees) to heat up a room effectively. An additionally plus side, there are no cold spots or heat losses from ducts.

Backlighting Mirrored Cabinets

Mirror backlighting can avoid casting shadows on your face, which makes it a perfect solution for getting ready in the bathroom. The biggest caution to worry about is to make sure the light is not too bright. This type of lighting is energy efficient because they use LED lights, rather than iridescent lights. This allows for the lighting to last longer than the traditional light bulb. 

Add Tile

You could repaint a room but, why stop there? A simple and room altering change you can make to the bathroom is implementing floor-to-ceiling slab or tile on the vanity wall. This small change can make the room feel average to having a little bit of luxury. Covering all the walls with the same surface as the countertop can add a luxuraint effect.

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