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Apartment Winter Renovations

November 13, 2020

Winter is not the typical time to start your next renovation project but, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be done. This is actually a great time to start up those renovation plans you’ve continuously pushed back. Many property owners use the winter months as a great opportunity to also fix glaring issues or potential areas the renovate. Did you know that investors also use the winter months as a prime time to purchase properties? Traditionally, we relate dropping temperatures to a drop in property sales, but on the flip-side this can result in better bargains. 

Add Insulation

Adding insulation is a great choice to pick when deciding how to utilize the winter months. Insulation installation will increase energy efficiency which leads to lower operating costs! Having perks to increase energy efficiency is something your current and future tenants will appreciate. The winter months also allow for you to identify area where more insulation may be needed. This is because of the swift contrast between the cold outside air and the inside room temperature that you can find the sopt where the insulation feels weak. While working on fixing the insulation around your property, look into replacing the weather stripping around doors and windows to add to the insulation you are already installing. 

Check Carbon and Smoke Detectors

Safety is important no matter what time of year that it is but, winter is a great time to check the accuracy and functionality of carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. Did you know that the peak months for property fires are December and January? It’s important to ensure that the detectors have fresh batteries and the maintenance on them is up-to-date. Important safety tip: these devices should be upgraded every five to seven years. 

Address Existing Mold Issues

An efficient way to clean mold is to mix a solution consisting of bleach and water or borax because they’ve proven to be able to remove mold. Although, if you have mold popping up on a non-porous surface, mold removal paint can be used to seal it in. If you are experiencing more serious mold infestations, it may be time to remove portions of cabinets or sheetrock. It’s key to investigate where the source of the mold outbreak is coming from, the typical causes could be a leaking roof or a dripping pipe. Small leaks can lead to big problems if not fixed as soon as the issue is discovered. 

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