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Do It Yourself vs. Contracting – What Should You Do?

April 3, 2020

Spring is in the air and it’s the perfect time to renovate a living space to enjoy the new season. It doesn’t matter what type of living space you have for you to dive into the world of Do It Yourself (D.I.Y). With the rise of platforms like Pinterest, the world of D.I.Y has been expanded upon. Before diving into D.I.Ying your living space, level the pros and cons of hiring a contractor vs attempting to D.I.Y your next project. Depending on your situation and priorities for the project, this could affect your decision. Take a look at the ways you can weigh those factors below.

D.I.Y Comes At a Price

Price does play a rather large role in the whole world of renovating, but what about the time and planning aspect? Mapping out the project and the intended cost can help you decide if you are leaning towards a D.I.Y intention of completion or hire a contractor. It is much easier to simply paint an accent wall, repaint/stain cabinets, or change out a few cosmetic accessories like new drawer handles. This type of task can be done on the matter of a few days and be completed, likely, on your own. But how long would it take you for 100+ units? Suddenly the work doesn’t seem so simple anymore. Then take renovating an entire bathroom, floor to ceiling. This may be a bit over your skill level, and that’s okay. That’s what contractors are for, helping you create the room you are wanting all while doing it correctly and safely. Using a contractor can save you from going in blind, realizing there was a mistake in the D.I.Y plan and throwing in more money than initially planned in hopes of fixing the mistake.

There are a few projects you could D.I.Y, but how long will the work last? Usually, when working with a contractor they will seal the job completely making the new project last longer than a few months. When you D.I.Y, you are creating a temporary fix to a permanent problem and that problem could come and bite you later if you don’t fix it professionally. Less bang for more buck, if you will.

Are You Prepared For The Task?

Research is imperative when it comes to doing any kind of project. Dig a little deeper and find out all the things required to have the project completed. Do you think you could handle the project with what you know or would you feel more confident placing it in the hands of a contractor? When working with a contractor, you have the option to choose to work with those who work specifically on multifamily properties. This knowledge will give you the confidence to know that your plans are being completed effectively and efficiently. 

Here’s To The Fun In Renovating

No matter what choice you go with – there will be enjoyment in the process. Getting to see your dream project come to life is all part of the thrill of renovating. Looking to work with a team on contractors who focus on creating beautiful apartment renovations? Alterra Construction Group is here to help you achieve your dream property. Reach out through their website or call 615-438-5734 or 404-597-2060 for more information.