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Modernize Your Apartment Complex

August 28, 2020

If your apartment complex has started to become dated, it’s only natural to want it to look more updated and fresh. Tenants are attracted to many things in addition to rent prices when it comes to shopping around for apartments in their area. The building and unit appearance are one of the biggest attractions. Giving your apartment building an updated look to keep up with the ever-changing trends of design is one great way to please potential renters. With updates it’s possible to increase your rent, but in order to do this, you’ve got to find the ideal balance between project results and the total project cost. Take a look at these modern apartment updates without breaking your budget.

Accents are a Powerful Tool

Accent walls, also known as feature walls, are a newer design idea and a definite break from the all-neutral wall look that fills older apartment buildings. One of the quickest and easiest ways to increase internal appeal is by painting a singular wall in the living room and painting it a different and more vibrant color. According to, make sure you choose the wall in the room that is the natural focal point. If you can’t decide, go with the wall that has the smallest width so it doesn’t overwhelm the room. When choosing a color, go with one that fits in with the existing scheme or could set off another feature of the apartment. A feature doesn’t always have to be in the living space of the unit, it could also be used in common areas, the lobby, or an entrance hall.  A tip to keep in mind: super bold colors are no longer a popular choice. so going with a richer but more subtle hue would be the best option. Avoid colors like red and go for calming hues of green, purple, or blue.

Bathroom and Kitchen Updates

New appliances or flooring doesn’t need to be expensive to bring your unit’s kitchen or bathroom up to date. Simply replacing cabinets and the hardware with newer items can instantly change the room and have it give off a modern appearance. Countertops can be a top culprit for visually dating an apartment. If they seem to be dating your units back, replace the countertops throughout the unit, if your budget allows, since countertops can cost a bit more than expected. 

Lighting up a Room

Outdated lighting fixtures can immediately show the age of the unit and building to prospective renters. Light fixtures tend to draw the eyes to them. Replacing any older fixtures from before the 2000s with sleek, newer models can give any room a new life. Outdated apartments are always harder to rent out. Don’t hold your units at a disadvantage by having them feel old and worn to potential tenants. 

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