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Open and Closed Floor Plans - What is Better For Your Space?

Open and Closed Floor Plans – What is Better For Your Space?

June 5, 2020

Homes need to have the flexibility to adapt to a changing family’s needs. It’s interesting to think about how homes will transform and evolve with the current usage of an open-plan layout. Buildings, both single-family homes and apartment living, have to adapt over time to meet each occupant’s ever-changing needs. It will be hard to predict where family life will go structurally in twenty years. With the changing makeup of households, increased number of multigenerational families living together due to housing prices and other factors, will this type of living impact the current trend of open-plan living? 

What is an Open Floor Plan?

What is considered an open floor plan, commonly referred to as an open-plan? An open-plan space is considered a space that has no or few dividing walls between areas. Generally, this refers to the main living spaces of the home — the kitchen, living room, and dining room — which creates an open, flowing layout with fewer traditional individual rooms in favor of communal living space. This does not limit other rooms of the house. Bathrooms and bedrooms can be open-plan but they are less seen in the whole of a home. 

Closed Equals Privacy and Storage

Open-plans can look messy and reduce the amount of storage space in a home or apartment. When you remove walls you also remove storage, which tends to be something most residents crave. This is a reason why the open-plan is not as universally accepted when it comes to floor plan layouts. Along with more limited storage space, there is also a lack of privacy. With the removal of certain walls, it makes your living space more entertainment friendly but doesn’t give you privacy when you need a moment to step away from the festivities. There have been instances where people start off embracing the open floor plan living but they end up regretting the choice and try to find new ways to bring the home together more traditionally. As mentioned earlier, there is a big problem with the open-plan: there is always a mess. When you have guests over, they will see the dirty dishes in the sink or the messy stovetop from when you’ve been cooking a meal. When planning out your floor plan, you need to think about how people will enjoy the space. Should it be closed off and offer copious amounts of space or should the living area be more welcoming for entertaining guests?

Is There a Way to Bridge the Gap?

Is there a way to take the positives of an open-plan while taking the positives of a more traditional floor plan? A space to connect rooms but give the current occupants storage and privacy? There is currently a potential solution in the works. PKMN Arquitectura has created a plan that features developed buildings with rotating walls that allow for spaces to be used in multiple ways. The future of a home is all about optimizing the space and making it multifunctional. This is becoming much more evident now that every square foot is expensive. The ability to use the whole space of the home rather than just half of it increases the total value of the home or apartment, among other things.

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