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blog image of a contractor installing floor tile in an apartment

Small Interior Renovation Upgrades With Big Results

April 24, 2020

Apartment living comes with some restrictions when looking to renovate the units or even the entire building. Every now and then you’ll want to spruce up your units, but what can you do with restrictions placed on you by limited space? When people buy a home, it doesn’t always have all the bells and whistles people dream of in their home. An apartment may have everything a tenant could want in it, but there may be one tiny thing that doesn’t fit the image. Below are some small simple yet very effective ways to renovate your multifamily properties that come with a big payoff. 

A New Color Palette

The theme and story that comes with a room can be completed by following a color palette. Most people tend to say that neutrals will always be safe, but that can lead to a room feeling dead and empty. Remember, neutral doesn’t only mean beige. Every year, the painting industry will announce new color trends. What if the color scheme of this apartment just isn’t appealing to potential tenants? Look into the color theme reports for the year, this can help you develop a theme to show off the unit’s potential. If you aren’t a big fan of using the color theme report, you can add a more personal touch by adding pops of an accent color to go along with the theme.

New Tiling in Bathrooms

Bathrooms have a lot more room to change up than just the flooring. Unlike painting, tiling isn’t as quick and easy as it looks. You can tile the floor, countertops, walls, even the shower and tub area. Changing the wall from just plain paint to halfway up with tile could immensely change the dynamic of a room. Working in a featured tile around the mirror or simply re-tile the flooring. The options are wide when it comes to a bathroom’s tile work, whether it’s a re-tile or a complete redesign.

New Countertops

The kitchen is considered to be the heart of the home. It is the warmest room with all the hustle and bustle that goes on inside. The amount of time your tenants will spend in the kitchen means it needs to truly stand out among the rooms, while still coordinating with them. Countertops have a reputation for being very expensive, but there are cheaper alternatives that can still help you achieve the image you have in your head. Ceramic or Stone Tile are wonderful options for changing up your countertops for a smaller price tag, they typically range $5 to $30 per square foot. Tile counters often tend to beat out laminate counters in the style and price departments.  

New Kitchen Backsplash

On top of changing the style and aesthetic of a room – the added protection of the area is an added bonus. A kitchen backsplash will protect the wall behind your sinks and counters. Backsplash can eliminate worry about inconvenient and hard-to-clean stains by catching food and other liquids that would have ended up directly on the wall. Materials such as tile, glass, and metal are tough enough to prevent staining and they require little to no maintenance.

Comprehensive Multifamily Renovations 

These changes may sound small and simple, but making them on a large scale across multiple units takes a contractor specialized in the field. Turn to Alterra Construction Group for all your professional multifamily renovation needs.