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Storage and Organization

November 27, 2020

Built-in storage and organizational options are all the rage for renters right now. This allows for those who love the look of minimalism but own a lot more to have both. With the surge in multipurpose furniture options flooding the markets, more and more renters are looking for built in perks for their homes to showcase their knick knacks and mementos in a stylish way. In addition, this is a great perk to bring in more potential renters and your current renters will be happy with more storage options. Below are some ways to add more storage and organization into your renovations.

Built-In Storage

Many new apartments are featuring built-in bookshelves with many of their floor plans. This is an additional and usually cheap perk you can into your renovation plans that will help increase the appeal of your complex to new renters. Another way to incorporate this new wave of built-in storage is with built-in cabinetry! This type of storage combines the showcase features of a bookshelf but allows for cupboards to store any items of clutter or things those many wish to not display. These built-ins provide solutions to finding where to store books, photos, a place to set down a T.V. and media equipment, displaying memorabilia, and other smaller items. When it comes to adding your own spin on a new renovation idea, built-in storage is one that should be on the top of your idea list.  

Multipurpose Furniture

Many multifamily homes and apartments are focused on making a lot of a small space. This trend has caused furniture providers to come up with a new and inventive way to amplify the usage of their furniture. Most furniture, especially in the living area of a home, is clunky and very large. Manufacturers have found a way to use that to their advantage by creating multipurpose furniture. By definition, multipurpose furniture consists of a broad category with products that includes wall beds, transforming tables, compact seating, or innovative storage solutions.

Popular types of multipurpose furniture:

  • Hidden Tables (wall hanging unfolds into a table)
  • Broken Down Ottoman (turns into five additional seats)
  • Expandable Coffee Table (expands to add more table space)
  • Wall Bookshelf (can be pushed down to turn into a dining table)
  • Sectional Sofa (has hidden compartment to expand the size of the sofa)

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