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Studio Apartment Renovation Ideas

December 4, 2020

Many renters are beginning to look at compartmentalizing as much in their lives as possible to save room for some bigger and better things, they’re planning for the future. Studio apartments are on the rise for a single renter or for a couple looking to rent. The smaller amount of space means that for a property owner, you have a lot to do with a smaller area. You can bring some unique features to your units that are always available on the market. These perks can be the making or breaking point of a potential renter signing that lease.

Set the Table

Kitchens are known to be some of the most frequented rooms in a home. It’s the heart of the home as some would say. The kitchen must be functional yet, compact in the square footage the studio apartment is given. A way to add more space is to incorporate the dining area into the actual kitchen. This can be done by adding a countertop bar to the area or having a breakfast nook built into one of the empty walls. 

Divide the Room

A popular way to increase the perspective of a room is to divide it into sections, typically just known as sectioning. When you section a room, you are giving each part of the room a theme or style rule to follow. Since we are looking at a studio apartment, the living area usually combines with the bedroom. A way to counteract this open space is the get a room divider and attach it to the wall where you would typically call the bedroom beginning/ending. There are a variety of wall dividers that are available and each one will bring different vibes to the unit you are renovating. The choice is up to you. This type of renovation can also be done to separate the living room area and the kitchen if you wish to have that type of separation. 

Compact, Tiny Living

Bathrooms are commonly the smallest part of any home. In a studio apartment, they are even smaller. Ways to combat this size is to include some built-in storage options to keep everything condensed and hidden away but still in the range of the area that the items will be used. You could add in a ladder or bookshelf type of storage shelving for the display of extra towels, soaps, lotions, and additional items usually designated for the bathroom area. 

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