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image of worker installing pendant lighting in apartment kitchen

The Importance of Lighting

October 16, 2020

Lighting is one aspect of a home that should never be overlooked, but when it comes to renovations it is the most overlooked aspect compared to others. If looking over lighting while working on a renovation project is not a top concern, then there is a large amount of potential injustice being done to the overall look and feel of the property. Lighting is the most important component of interior design. Did you know that quality, well-positioned lighting impacts the entire feel of a singular room? Proper lighting can make it much easier to perform the tasks that the room was designed for in the first place.

Natural Lighting

It’s pretty well known that the more natural lighting you have, the better. A room will look fantastic as the sun pours in from the windows, but the moment the sun begins to set, the magic can be lost. This means if you rely heavily on the natural lighting to pull off the room, the room will only look its best during the day. There are times that natural light alone will not show the full potential of a room – leaving out some of its best qualities. There is a possibility to complement the natural light with floor lamps or desk lamps, which can give off the impression of a greater dimension.

Artificial Lighting

Overdoing the lighting in a room can be easily done if you aren’t careful. Remember, there is no need to install beaming spotlights in every room of the living space. Beaming spotlights will leave the room brightly lit, but you risk losing any ambiance that space would have benefited from – not to mention the impact on your tenants’ energy bills. For achieving the most success in a room, creating a perfect mixture of different lighting sources, depending on the room’s features is key. This method is known a blending, and this method can transform a room with a blink of an eye.

Lighting a Room

Dependent on the room, the type of light fixtures selected can alter the room. ‘Task lighting’ is a form of lighting that is helpful in completing tasks. This also refers to bright lighting being positioned to shine on areas where activities are typically completed. Dimmer switches on light fittings are a popular new trend that allows for the lighting to shift in a matter of seconds. The lighting in a bathroom or smaller space would benefit greatly from having these types of switches. 

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