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Updating Apartment Windows

July 10, 2020

Do the windows around your apartment complex look a little rough? Do you think they need to be updated to give your building a bit of shine? Not only do installing new windows add a greater overall aesthetic appeal to your space, but they will also help keep units better insulated from the fluctuating temperatures outside. This would result in increased comfort, improved energy efficiency, and hundreds of dollars in savings on heating and cooling costs in your pocket. 

What Is The Window Made Of?

One of the biggest impacts of pricing for windows is the material that they are made of. The most economic materials are aluminum and vinyl windows. Wood is considered to be the most expensive material. For a more middle of the road material, composite and fiberglass are a good route. Researching which material best fits your needs is crucial since they all offer different durabilities, weather-resistance, or maintenance features. If you are leaning towards a tighter budget, don’t shy away from vinyl windows. As the years have gone on, manufacturers have greatly improved types of vinyl durability and aesthetic appeal. Highly durable vinyl windows in a wide range of no-fade colors and faux-grain finishes, that imitate the look of wood.

Location and Pricing

Depending on the location of the apartment, the installation could have any extra fees. Typically, if the apartment is on the first floor and easily accessible the installation will not come with additional fees. If the apartment is located on the second floor or higher, the replacement/installation of windows will be challenging and require a special set of equipment. It’s common that upper floor areas and difficult to access area installations can cost up to 100% more than regular installations. 

How Much Does It Cost In Total?

As an average, it is estimated that each window can cost anywhere from $300-800 each. If you are leaning towards a higher-end material like wood or add extra features, you could end up spending as much as $2,000+ on each unit. Most people tend to install standard-size, double-hung, double-pane (energy efficient), vinyl windows and pay $500-750 for each unit. To compare the expense, the same window built with wood material would cost between $850-1,000. Keep in mind that new windows are a great return on investment! 

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